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Here’s a fun bookmark to remind you to rock it as you age. Learn 8 important lessons about living a quality life as you age too.

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  1. Luke

    The underwater scenery of Rarotonga is breathtaking, with enchanted forests of enormous, mushroom-shaped
    hard coral formations that are both unsettling
    and captivating. The majority of dives are boat dives on the island’s surrounding reef.

    One of the legendary forests is Nga Tipa, a network of waterways that wind through porites,
    a form of rocky coral that resembles mushroom growth.
    A lot of marine life, including fire dartfish, lemonpeel and flame angelfish, and whitetip reef sharks, are hiding out under the overhangs of the coral in this shallow dive of around 50 feet (15 metres).

    Coral bommies line the sandy trenches at Coral Gardens, which
    is comparable. Whitetip reef sharks love to hang out in these trenches,
    and we also saw a large yellow-edged moray eel.

    The island boasts more than 30 dive sites, and each side of the island has its own character, including dense coral growth, small
    lagoons, and sharp drop-offs. Before dropping into the
    open ocean, the reef slopes to a height of around 100 feet
    (30 metres), and these drop-offs provide possibilities to spot elusive fish species as Pitcairn and
    peppermint angelfish.
    Many sand rivers and reef passages, including Tupapa and Avana, are home to eagle ray swarms, threadfin, Meyer’s, and teardrop butterflyfish, as
    well as turtles, sharks, and many other fish.
    Rarotonga is a fantastic destination for beginning divers because to the
    straightforward circumstances (clear, warm water),
    and underwater photographers will find this location ideal due to
    the exceptional visibility and plenty of natural light.
    The majority of dive shops provide courses, which are best booked in advance.

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