Heart of Georgia Altamaha Regional Development Center

3rd Annual Caregiver Conference

Here are just a few things attendees had to say:

“As a caregiver I find a great purpose sharing love, laughter and good humor. Thanks for such a great presentation.  I also have an 86 year old mom who has a boyfriend, still lives in her home, she has a good life.”

“Excellent way to begin a workshop-helped set the tone for the rest of the day.”

“Wonderfully presented-very informative for family caregivers to help us keep our sense of humor and enjoy our elder(s).”

“Refreshingly informative and very relaxed presentation.”

“Enjoyed his enthusiasm and the information.”

“What a wonderful presentation!  I loved the music, the interactive nature and the humor.  Excellent!”

And at the risk of repetition, here’s more:

Totally wonderful and uplifting.

Very good workshop-awesome.

Super presenter!

Excellent presenter.


Very enjoyable and helpful.

Wonderful speaker.

Different presentation kept my attention.

Good up-beat way to start the day!

Excellent and uplifting.


Excellent motivator!

Great speaker.

Excellent speaker, powerful message and fun.

Very entertaining and insightful.

I enjoyed the music and involvement.

Wonderful!  Totally enjoyed him!

Wonderful!  Fantastic!

Excellent presentation-very entertaining!

Keep up the good work keep singing, stay involved.