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Live to 120? Can We? Do You Want To?

Businesses can be 120. Why not you? From my about.com blog…Pew Research issued an intriguing report – Living to 120 and Beyond: Americans’ Views on Aging, Medical Advances and Radical Life Extension.åÊ Let’s take a look at these trends. By 2050, according to U.S. Census Bureau projections, one-in-five Americans will...

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90+ Living Longer and Smarter

Hey after all,Jack was on to something! Those surviving past the age of 90 today are living longer and are mentally sharper than those born a decade earlier. A Danish study has shown that people born in 1915 were almost a third more likely to reach 95 than those born...

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7 Fold > in 100+ Projected

Turning 100 isn’t such a big deal anymore. That according to a recent Associated Press article. America’s population of centenarians has roughly doubled in the past 20 years to around 72,000 and is projected to at least double again by 2020, perhaps even increase seven-fold, according to the Census Bureau....

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