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Michelle Seitzer is Participating in the Caregiver Smile Summit

Michelle is participating in the Caregiver Smile Summit Caregiver Smile Summit participant Michelle Seitzer launched Caregiving Advice in January 2019 after two decades of working with caregiving families from senior living communities, advocating for family caregivers through a policy position with the Alzheimer’s Association, helping her own family navigate stroke...

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Millennial Caregivers with Michelle Seitzer – Smilecast 169

Millennial Caregivers An incredible twenty-five percent of Millennials are family caregivers. Yes, you read that right. Michelle will talk to us about the challenges unique to millennial caregivers, how can we better support them while offering sound advice to cope as a millennial caregiver. Read more about our expert – Michelle...

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Millennial Caregivers – Smilecast 35

Millennial Caregivers Millennial caregivers make up 25 percent of carers in this country. For them the burden can be overwhelming, juggling work, school and other responsibilities. Yet with aging baby boomers and more people being diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, this generation has been pushed into service. Employers need to step...

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