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Changing the Health Care Experience Through Telemonitoring

A big push in healthcare will start to focus on prevention, stabilization of chronic conditions, coordination of care and self responsibility. In this blog, the author makes a great case for the importance of technology to the patient experience. In this case telemonitoring. To quote: “Telemonitoring, in and of itself,...

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Poor Staff Communication Negatively Impacts Patient Care

A study, conducted by Zogby International and commissioned by Cisco, sheds new light on the heavy toll that poor staff communication takes on patient care. More than 250 practicing nurses were surveyed online. The primary issue identified in the survey of nurses centered on the opportunity to improve communications among...

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Doctor Doctor Give Me the News I Have A Bad Case of Remembering You

A new study by the University of Chicago published in the Archives of Internal Medicine of nearly 3,000 adults admitted to their affiliated hospital reveals that patients are rarely able to identify their doctors by name or to describe their roles in their care. Patients were asked about the roles...

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