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Stroke Before 50 Not Good for Long Term Health

Adults 50 years of age and younger who experienced a stroke had a significantly higher risk of death in the following 20 years compared with the general population, according to a study in the March 20 issue of JAMA.‰ÛÏStroke is one of the leading causes of mortality, with an annual...

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High Levels of Physical Activity Could Reduce Silent Stroke Risk

Researchers at Columbia University and the University of Miami found the risk of silent strokes was 40% lower in older people who reported high levels of physical activity. The researchers recorded the exercise habits of 1,238 participants, who were on average 70 years old and have never had a stroke....

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14% of Strokes Hapen When You’re Asleep

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati as reported in Health Day News have found that 14% of strokes happen when individuals are asleep resulting in about 58,000 emergency room visits annually. According to the researchers, some of these patients would have been eligible for the clot-busting drug tPA if physicians...

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