The Caregiver Smile Tour

Description of Program

What: The Caregiver Smile Tour is a speaking and media event with a book tour.

Where: Selected large cities throughout the U.S.

How: Local media partners in each city are selected. Through their print, broadcast and Internet outlets they conduct a contest in which people can nominate family caregivers to attend an appreciation day on their behalf. Criteria will be developed for judging and the media partners in conjunction with the local Area Agency on Aging will choose 250 exclusive attendees. Attendees with the most moving stories of care could also be featured in the media outlets.

What: Mr. Cirillo will provide a keynote address and song performance that is uplifting and entertaining. Each participant will receive a private label branded copy of Mr. Cirillo’s book, a CD of music from the keynote as well a goodie bag of products/services from the sponsor. The goal is to put smiles back on the faces of beleaguered caregivers and have them remember who helped do that. Attendees will be treated to lunch. After lunch, local massage therapists, as well as hair and nail specialists will dote on both female and male family caregivers.

When: National Caregivers Month, November is ideal but it can be anytime.

Non-Profit Sponsor: We will select a local non-profit sponsor.

Media Sponsors: We will work with local and national media sponsors.

Charity Sponsors: We will work with you to select these sponsors.

Why Caregivers: Consider the following:

  • Research shows that caregiving can have serious physical health consequences – 17% of caregivers feel their health in general has gotten worse as a result of their caregiving responsibilities.
  • Research shows an estimated 17-35% of family caregivers view their health as fair to poor.
  • 11% of family caregivers report that caregiving has caused their physical health to deteriorate.
  • Caregivers who work full-time say they suffer from poorer physical health than their non-caregiving counterparts. 16% of caregivers working full-time have a Physical Health Index (PHI) score of 77.4%, which is significantly lower than 83.0% for non-caregivers.
  • 40% to 70% of family caregivers have clinically significant symptoms of depression with about a quarter to half of these caregivers meeting the diagnostic criteria for major depression.
  • 70% of working caregivers suffer work-related difficulties due to their dual caregiving roles. 10 million caregivers over 50 who care for their parents lose an estimated $3 trillion in lost wages, pensions, retirement funds and benefits.

It’s time we helped put smiles back on these hero caregiver faces!