Guest Blog in Long-Term Living Magazine – Leadership Must Change if Person / Patient Centered to take Root

Our post from yesterday is now featured in Long Term Living Magazine’s blog entries. Leadership must change their ways or the experience for patients and residents and staff will not change. Interestingly today I had a wonderful conversation with Kellyann Curnayn. She is a nurse in Orlando and the author of A Good Day in Hell: The Flatlining of Nurses Across America. Her contention is that people at the front lines of health care must serve as role models so nurses whether in nursing homes or hospitals must step up and put the patient first. She contends and I agree that health care workers are not necessarily paid to take care of patients/residents but are paid to document. She also said that nurses exhibit behaviors of an oppressed population. The lateral violence ‰ÛÒ nurse to nurse ‰ÛÒ that happens every day in health care is actually scary and many times centered around having to, pardon my French, cover your ass, that is make sure all the i‰Ûªs are dotted and t‰Ûªs are crossed so that the regulatory bodies and payers are happy. It may somewhat contribute to quality of care but whether it contributes to quality of life is questionable.