Alzheimer’s Study Needs Volunteers

The Alzheimer‰Ûªs Disease Cooperative Study (ADCS) is sponsoring a study to raise awareness about Alzheimer‰Ûªs disease (AD) and to encourage otherwise healthy adults with early complaints of memory problems to participate in the Alzheimer‰Ûªs Disease Neuroimaging Initiative Grand Opportunity (ADNI GO). [embed_youtubebr />[embed_youtubebr />ADNI GO will build on the Alzheimer‰Ûªs Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI), a study to find more sensitive and accurate methods to detect AD at earlier stages and track its progress through biomarkers.[embed_youtubebr />[embed_youtubebr />By being able to recognize changes in the brain, scientists hope to treat memory loss and other symptoms of AD before they appear, but the only way to recognize what these changes are and learn more about who is at risk is through the participation of volunteers.[embed_youtubebr />[embed_youtubebr />If you, a friend, or a family member is experiencing early signs of memory loss, you may be eligible to participate in this study. Please visit [embed_youtubea href=””>this site[embed_youtube/a> or call the Alzheimer‰Ûªs Disease Education and Referral Center at 1-800-438-4380 for more information on study sites in your area.