Fraudulent Health Plans to Watch Out for as Reform Rolls Out

With healthcare reform comes fraud. Two sites to pay attention to so that you can protect yourself.

At the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, there is a list of things to watch for as fraudulent health plans try to sell you their product. More detail at their site.

åá Invasive sales pitches

åá Pushy pitchman

åá It‰Ûªs required for health-care reform

åá The deal seems too good

åá Evasive answers

åá Have to join an association or union

åá Slick Internet sites

åá Slow response

åá Suspicious payment delays

åá The ‰ÛÏfederal oversight‰Û con

Following is a list of companies to watch out as posted on the coalition‰Ûªs site.

åá A&B Marketing

åá AB National Marketing

åá Advanced Marketing Group

åá Affinity Group Benefits Association

åá Affinity Health Plans

åá Alliance Association Health

åá Alliance for Affordable Services

åá American Consumers Insurance

åá American Employers Association

åá Americans for Affordable Healthcare

åá American Trade Association

åá Americans for Affordable Services

åá America‰Ûªs Best Benefits

åá Association for Lifestyle Reform

åá Association Healthcare

åá Association of Franchise and Independent Distributors

åá Beema Insurance Company

åá Beema Insurance Company of Pakistan

åá Beema Insurance Group

åá Beema-Pakistan Company Limited

åá Benefit Management Administrators

åá Claim & Benefit Management

åá Consolidated Workers Association

åá Consumer Health Benefits Association

åá Contractors and Merchants Association

åá Depawix Health Resources

åá Direct Marketing Services

åá Direct Medical

åá DNH Consulting Group

åá Easy Life Healthcare

åá Elite Healthcare

åá Family Health Benefits

åá Family Healthcare

åá Global Healthcare

åá Green Cross Managed Health

åá HealthAllies

åá Healthcare Alliance

åá Healthcare Management Advisors

åá Healthcare One LLC

åá Healthcare Solutions

åá Healthshare America

åá Health Markets

åá Health Services

åá Home Health America

åá International Association of Benefits

åá National Alliance of Associations

åá National Alliance of Benefit Services Association

åá National Alliance Healthcare

åá National Association for the Self-Employed

åá National Benefits Consultants LLC

åá National Trade Business Alliance of America

åá National Trade Business Association

åá National Transportation Benefits Alliance Association

åá Nationwide Benefits Services Association


åá PBC Direct

åá Peck and Peck

åá Pinnacle Health Solutions

åá Professional Benefit Consultants

åá Promotion Healthcare

åá Oxonia Insurance Group

åá Qualified Administrative Specialists of America

åá Prudent Choice

åá RBA Administrators

åá Real Benefits Association

åá Republic Healthcare

åá Serve America Assurance

åá Signature Health Group/Health Advantage

åá Smart Data Solutions

åá Spencer & Associates LLC

åá United Business Association

åá Vantage America Solutions

åá W.I.N. Association