Recognizing When Mom or Dad Need Care – Smilecast 141

Recognizing When Mom or Dad Need Care

Hey parents are wily devils. They can disguise things from their kids pretty well. Just like your kids try to get over you, so do your parents. In this session you will learn what to spot that shows mom or dad need care and how to do it sooner. And MaryAnne will share her unique perspective of what it’s like to be an adult daughter caregiving for your aging loved ones.

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Boosting Your Interpersonal Skills as You Age

Boosting Your Interpersonal Skills as You Age

Having solid interpersonal skills is vital throughout life, even as you age. As we grow older we are faced with an increasing number of obstacles that hinder effective communication. Communication disorders can affect people of all ages but are, sadly, more prevalent among seniors and may be categorized by a stable, recovering or degenerative course. Communication changes are frequently reported by older people. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) reports on a survey of 12,000 participants over the age of 65, where more than 42% reported hearing problems, 26% experienced difficulty writing and 7% struggled to use a phone.

Well-developed interpersonal communication skills can counter communication disorders significantly, highlighting the importance of acquiring and maintaining such skills throughout one’s life. Apart from focusing on strengthening interpersonal skills for the benefit of others it is imperative to also make the effort to invest in your own personal well-being. Finding a balance between the two will provide you with all the skills required to effectively communicate well into your golden years.

Active Daily Living – Smilecast 140

active daily living

Active Daily Living – A Platform for Caregivers

Active Daily Living (ADL) is a online program that helps family caregivers dealing with the challenges of aging loved ones, in particular maintaining independence, maximizing health status, and safely aging-in-place. Dan will give you a guided tour.

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Daniel E. Ansel, President / CEO of Active Daily Living, has over 35 years of experience in successfully developing, marketing and managing an extensive range of innovative healthcare and human service related programs.  He has developed innovative and targeted communication programs focused on Senior Services and Caregiving, Managed Medicare, Corporate Health and Work/Family issues for organizations in both the for profit and not-for-profit sectors.

In addition to being a frequent speaker at national conferences, he has published articles on topics including; Managed Medicare, Senior Services, Communications, Acquisition and Retention, Work/Life programs, and Managed Behavioral Health Care.  He has a master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the Ohio State University and a master’s degree in Health Care Services Administration from Xavier University.

Aging in Place While Living Alone – Elder Orphans – Smilecast 139

Aging-in-place is harder when you’re alone. What steps do you recommend individuals take to be prepared to age at home alone? What are some of the risks? What should local community support services know about your needs and how can they better serve you? This is a new phenomenon called elder orphans. Carol has it covered.

Carol Marak –

Older adults and family caregivers deserve authentic and straightforward information on aging concerns. It’s not about younger vs. older; it’s about inter-generations; living together, learning from one another, and exploring solutions that abolish misguided perceptions.





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