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Educated Aging Blog

8 Tips to a Longer Life as You Age

What serves older Americans as the entrance ramp to living longer? (Contributed by Carol Marak, Aging Advocate, Editor Do you ever wonder why some people live longer than others? Many studies reveal the best-kept secret like those residing in Okinawa, Japan, Sardinia, Italy, Ikaria, Greece, and the Hunzas in Pakistan. Each group follows a daily regime of healthy living and commits to a steady diet of nutritious foods. However, the residents in each country do things differently, and you will not find one group doing the same as another. The varieties range from a sense of purpose, eating nutritiously,...

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Take the Dementia Kindness Challenge. I did. #dementiakindness

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Dementia Friendly Infographic. Click on photo then enlarge as needed. Want more information on becoming Dementia Friendly and how we can help? Go here.

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