Hoarding Seniors – Smilecast 46

Hoarding Seniors

According to the American Geriatrics Society, living alone for long periods of time with a lack of cognitive stimulation, a genetic predisposition to a hoarding condition and a traumatic event can all be a catalyst for the syndrome.

Hoarding Seniors – how to help

  1. Get a cleaning crew
  2. Work room by room
  3. Use a system
  4. Empower the person

Don’t be quick to label a loved one a hoarder. There are many reasons people keep things. Here are some tips on recognizing the syndrome and helping others.

When Things Are Out of Your Control – Smilecast 17

Out of Your Control

Sometimes in your caregiving, things are simply out of your control. And there i little you can do about it. In this episode we address the issue and essentially come to the conclusion that you change the things you can change and you learn to live with the rest. It’s sometimes is not easy but caregiving rarely is. I hope you enjoy this epidote and please be in touch to let me know how your caregiving journey is progressing.

New to Caregiving? How to Help Yourself. Charlotte Today. Smilecast 45

How to Help Yourself in Your Caregiving

Being a caregiver is one of the most important roles you’ll ever play. It can happen suddenly, with an accident or illness, or a new diagnosis. You may find yourself taking time off from work, making meals or handling finances. All of a sudden you’re in it. Listen to my Charlotte Today segment for ideas on caregiving and how to help yourself. Here is some of what I shared.

  1. Talk about the issues before there is an issue.
  2. Look for an opening in daily life – an article or news story; something going on with a friend.
  3. Keep trying.
  4. Bring family members into this.

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