Caregiver Support

A recent study, Families Caring for an Aging America, called for a national strategy to support caregivers, going as far as to suggest that caregivers need to receive protected class status in this country.

Caregiving is the elephant in the room few are talking about today. We are. The Aging Experience is working on two fronts to address caregiving issues. We work with companies to address the issue of caregiving in the workplace, helping them both from a culture standpoint and a process standpoint, to become more sensitive and responsive to the needs of family caregivers in the workforce.

Six of ten employees are also family caregivers and 25 percent of Millennials are caregivers too. So morale, productivity, retention are big issues impacted by caregiving.

We work directly to support family caregivers through our programs, products and services. Check out the offerings on the right.

And download our white paper, Dementia Friendly as a Strategic Business Imperative for Hospitals & Health Care Providers.