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Energy Practice-Rima Bonario-Caregiver Smile Summit-Smilecast 193

Energy Practice – Relief from Caregiver Compassion Fatigue in Less Than 15 Minutes a Day – Caregiver Smile Summit In this session of the Caregiver Smile Summit, we talk to Rima Bonario. You will learn about compassion fatigue and the anatomy of the body / energy body. Caregivers can be more effective by making sure they are taking good care of their own energetic environment as well as protecting themselves from unfavorable energetic conditions in their environment. Rima will share how she has used these practices to support reducing stress in her life and share a set of five simple yet...

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caregiver summit 2The Caregiver Smile Summit 2. Registration now open! Shortlisted in the AARP, United Health, IDEO Caregiver Challenge!

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